1. Counterpoint
    2. Art & Illusion
    3. C.R.A.B.
    4. Kings & Queens
    5. First New Day
    Bonus Tracks
    6. Blue Powder Monkey
    7. Blondon Fair
    8. Take A Look
    9. Counterpoint (alternate)
    10. C.R.A.B. (alternate)
    11. Kings & Queens (alternate)
    12. Take A Look (alternate)





Rick Battersby - Keyboards
Brian Devoil - Drums and percussion
Clive Mitten - Bass
Andy Revell - Guitar
Andy Sears- Voice







Twelfth Night

Live and let live
Collectors item
Fact and fiction
Art and illusion
Live at the Target
Voices in the Night
Sampler 4
Sampler 5

Geoff Mann
In One Era
Peace Offering







This long awaited and requested album at last finds its way onto CD and continues CYCLOPS Twelfth Night reissue programme.

All tracks have been meticulously REMASTERED from the original tapes for superb sound. Along with the original five tracks are added seven extras for a total playing time of 71 minutes. Three of the extras are unreleased studio proggy versions of tracks that were destined to be part of the next album. These being Blue Powder Monkey, Blondon Fair and the 12 minute Take A Look.

With a new booklet containing previously unreleased photos and essays from band members, this is an album which all Twelfth Night and progressive rock fans must want.