Many Progressive tracks are over the 10 minute mark and contain varied moods and themes. Obviously it is not possible to capture all of these in a sample therefore in an attempt to give a flavour of the band most samples are around the 2 minute mark.
To maintain a small (relatively speaking) file size the sound samples are encoded (using SoundForge 4.5) at 18 kbit/s 11,025 Hz Stereo MPEG-Level 3 although still keeping the WAV file extension. These files play in Windows Media Player and WinAmp without any problems. Please remember that due to the low sampling rates that the quality of the sound is nowhere near that of the CDs and there is a fuzziness to the sound. Despite these drawbacks the samples achieve their objective in giving a taste of the bands music. The newer samples are encoded at 24kbit/s (to reflect faster modem speeds) to give a better sound quality although still well below CD quality they also have the mp3 extension.

Note: although the original albums are given many of these tracks are taken from alternative versions that appeared on the Samplers.


Artist Title (album on which the original appears) Time Size
Abarax Crying of the Whales mp3  
Abbfinoosty Future (Future) 2:10 286k
Abbfinoosty When The Sun Explodes (The Storm) 1:13 161k
Rob Andrews Sunlight On Leaves (An Amnesty...) 1:33 207k
Robert Berry Dirty World (Sampler 2) 1:30 200k
Citizen Cain Liquid Kings (Serpents in Camouflage) 2:25 321k
Credo A Kindness (Field of Vision) 2:12 291k
Credo The Letter (Sampler 2) 1:48 240k
Cross Heavenly (Gaze) 1:46 236k
Epilogue Swords and Knives (Hide) 1:38 217k
Epilogue Please (Sampler 2) 1:35 210k
Ezra Somewhere (Sampler 2) 1:51 245k
Finneus Gauge Press The Flesh (More Once More) 1:46 235k
Flamborough Head Schoolyard Fantasy (Unspoken Whisper) 2:47 369k
Flamborough Head One For The Crow (One For The Crow) 2:24 421k
Fruitcake Where I've Been (Sampler 2) 1:48 239k
Fruitcake Lost My Way (Sampler 3) 2:04 273k
Fruitcake On The Edge (Sampler 4) 2:09 286k
Fruitcake (Man Overboard)    
Grace The Fool (Pulling Strings and Shiny Things) 1:57 258k
Grace The Miracle (Sampler 2) 2:02 270k
Grey Lady Down 12:02 (The Crime) 2:04 274k
Grey Lady Down The Flyer (live) (Sampler 2) 2:24 317k
Guardian's Office The Guardian (The Guardian's Office) 1:31 267k
Haze The Ember (World Turtle) 1:49 242k
Henry Fool The Laughter That Turned To Ice (Henry Fool) 2:00 354k
Steve Hillman Into The Blue (Matrix) 1:47 237k
Jump Where Silver Calls (Sampler 4) 1:41 224k
Jump Bethesda (On Impulse) 2:17 403k
Karda Estra An Ordinary Mortal (Eve) 1:56 343k
Karda Estra Mina (Voivode Dracula) 1:37 287k
Kopecky Bartholomew's Kite (Serpentine Kaleidoscope) 2:05 275k
Landmarq Ta'Jiang (Infinity Parade) 2:46 487k
Landmarq Killing Fields (Solitary Witness) 2:38 464k
Landmarq Solitary Witness (Thunderstruck) 2:36 458k
Landmarq The Vision Pit (Aftershock) 2:02 360k
Lands End Ashes (An Older Land) 3:20 440k
Lands End Wind Across The Water (An Older Land) 2:45 363k
Lands End Breathing Deep (Sampler 3) 2:13 293k
Lands End From The Ruins... (Natural Selection) 1:55 254k
Lands End Love Through The Winter... (Natural Selection) 2:17 302k
Bjorn Lynne Shapechanger (Wolves of the Gods) 2:17 302k
Geoff Mann Creation (In One Era) 1:37 215k
Guy Manning In My Life (Tall Stories...) 1:54 252k
Manning Domicile (The Cure) 1:43 228k
Manning The Night And The Devil (Cascade) 2:31 444k
Manning The View From My Window 1:50 383k
Mastermind Miles To Go Before I Sleep (Sampler 3) 1:58 261k
Mentaur Chasing Time (Sampler 3) 1:40 222k
Mostly Autumn The Night Sky (For All We Shared) 5:36 740k
Mostly Autumn Pieces Of Love (The Spirit of Autumn Past) 2:08 282k
Mostly Autumn The Eyes of the Forest (The Last Bright Light) 2:40 351k
Mostly Autumn We Come And We Go (The Last Bright Light) 1:31 269k
Mr. So & So Circus (Sampler1) 2:05 276k
MysterKah Misanthrope (Fresq) 1:41 296k
MysterKah Finale (Fresq) 2:34 453k
Nice Beaver Hope You Don't Mind (On Dry Land) 2:38 464k
Odyssice Scream (Impression) 1:55 340k
Odyssice Impression (Impression) 2:14 395k
Parallel or 90 Degrees Encapsulated (Time Capsule) 2:29 329k
Parallel or 90 Degrees Unbranded (Unbranded) 2:13 392k
Pineapple Thief Private Paradise (Abducting the Unicorn) 2:36 345k
Pineapple Thief Lay On The Tracks (137) 2:31 444k
Pineapple Thief (Variations on a Dream)    
Primitive Instinct Slaves (Floating Tangibility) 1:53 249k
Product Age of Reason (Aire) 2:52 506k
Product Age of Reason, Value of Gold, Still Here, Everday Business (Aire) mp3  
Product World of Nero, Netting, Don't Talk, All is All (The Fire) mp3  
Saens Alone (Escaping the Hands of God) 1:37 288k
Saens Babel Lights (Escaping the Hands of God) 2:21 415k
Saens Crawler (Escaping the Hands of God) 1:57 345k
Saens Lenina (Prophet in a Statistical World) 1:24 247k
Saens Time Machine (Prophet in a Statistical World) 1:58 349k
Saens Forbidden Dreams (Prophet in a Statistical World) 1:48 319k
Saens I Wanna Be Free (Prophet in a Statistical World) 0:45 134k
Saens The Prophet (Prophet in a Statistical World) 0:45 134k
Salem Hill When (The Robbery of Murder) 1:51 246k
Salem Hill Prelude (Not Everybodys Gold) 1:25 188k
Salem Hill The Walking Dead (Catatonia) 2:28 327k
Schloss Adler A Trap Disguised As An Invitation (Music F S H) 2:14 297k
Sinkadus Positivharalen (Cirkus) 2:10 288k
Sphere Three Simple Words (Sampler 2) 2:16 301k
Sphere Shrimp SNG (Comeuppance) 1:27 192k
Tr3nity The Film (The Cold Light of Darkness) 2:17 403k
Tr3nity The Last Great Climb (Precious Seconds) 1:42 300k
Transience Desert Falls 2 (Sliding) 2:02 269k
Transience A Stones Throw From Nowhere (Primordial) 2:55 512k
Trion Tortoise (Tortoise) 1:31 268k
Trion Hindsight (Tortoise) 1:10 206k
Tristan Park The Space Between (A Place Inside) 1:43 229k
Twelfth Night The Ceiling Speaks (Live and Let Live) 2:11 289k
Twelfth Night Fact And Fiction (Fact and Fiction) 2:17 403k
Twelfth Night Sequences (Live at the Target) 1:28 260k
Von Daniken Extract from Electric Fish Music (New Worlds) 2:19 307k
Vulgar Unicorn Supersmoke (Sleep WIth The Fishes) 2:09 285k
Vulgar Unicorn More Money Than I .... (Jet Set Radio) 1:47 237k
Vulgar Unicorn The Only Person I ... (The Fine Art Of Living) 1:56 344k
Vulgar Unicorn I Wish That I ... (The Fine Art Of Living) 1:37 287k
Walking On Ice Set Me Free (Sampler 1) 1:25 188k

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