1. Home Songs
  2. All Hail
  3. The Better Part of Valour
  4. Never Too Far
  5. My Little Eye
  6. Spin The Silver
  7. Let Alone My Mother Down
  8. The Witness
  9. Fresh Young Thing
  10. Different Story Now





Andy Baker Drums
Andy Faulkner Bass
Pete Davies Guitars
John Dexter Jones Voice
Steve Hayes Guitars
Mo Keyboards







The Myth Of Independence
Living In A Promised Land
The Freedom Train
And All The Kings Men
On Impulse
Home Songs







Jump's eighth studio album is another major step forward from On Impulse (CYCL 107)

The group have managed to tour quite regularly and have refined the new songs in a live environment, moulding the original compositions with strong melodies and biting contemporary lyrics into this new fine collection.

Melodic hard rock with power and imagination linked with their customary dual lead guitar work and textured keyboards. When emotive and charismatic singer John Dexter Jones weaves his stories within songs, then the effect is also theatrical.

The music is not far from the likes of Marillion and Fish, both acts they have supported in the past.

Melodic rock with progressive textures, colour and imagination always inventive.