1. Just A Game
  2. Smiled At Me
  3. Red Sky
  4. Falling
  5. Life & Times
  6. She Cries
  7. Raingods
  8. First Light
  9. Big World
  10. Tea At Cyrils





Andy Edwards - guitars, vocals
Gareth Jones - bass
Daz Josephs - drums

With Guest Musicians
Robert Reed - keyboards










Big Smiley Sun
Sampler 2









Formed in the summer of 1990 in West Glamorgan, Wales--Ezra managed to get lots of interest very early on their original demo. For this their first CD release, they hjave managed to get Robert Reed (aka CYAN) to guest on keyboards, giving the band a far more Progressive sound than live. Andy Edwards has repaid the favour by putting some great guitar solos on the new Cyan CD "Picture from the Other Side."

The musical influences which show through on this great CD are those of Rush, Saga and It Bites in the its songs of unique beauty and strength.